Mission Statement


We are a branch of the Zen Garland Order and our mission is to preserve its authentic lineage-based Zen tradition. 

Zen Garland NY-NJ offers a safe, welcoming community and personal guidance to establish a spiritual practice of cultivating awareness and presence in everyday activity.


What We Do


We provide a welcoming and compassionate environment, helping members to develop and sustain an authentic Zen practice.


We offer training through core practices which emphasize different aspects of spiritual development: silent sitting meditation (zazen), private dialogue with Zen teachers (dokusan), Zen Koan, Sutra, and text study, embodiment practice, emotional well-being through Focusing, and service as a way of being (volunteer and community work).

Who We Are

We are a Zen Buddhist community in northern New Jersey. When our parent organization moved from its sanctuary in Airmont, New York to a new location in Sedona, Arizona, a group of longtime senior practitioners wanted to preserve our Zen practice here in the NY/NJ area. We thus became a branch of the Zen Garland Order and we are offering Zen practice and teachings to new people interested in this time tested spiritual practice.


The founder and Spiritual Director of Zen Garland, Roshi Paul Genki Kahn, established the Zen Garland Order, independent of the Japanese sects of Rinzai and Soto, to provide a holistic approach to Zen training appropriate for our time. Zen Garland was founded as a Zen Buddhist training center and open community for spiritual development with practice designed specifically for people engaged in the demanding discipline of worldly life – relationships, career and community service.

For more information about the Zen Garland Order and about Roshi Paul Genki Kahn, go to www.zengarland.org.

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