Reverend Cathleen Kanno Dowd, Sensei

Spiritual Director

Rev. Cathleen Kanno Dowd is a Zen Buddhist Priest and a Christian Zen Minister in the Zen Garland Order. She began her spiritual journey while a teenager, asking herself, “What is true for every human being”?  She graduated from Hunter College in 1965 and has worked as a registered nurse in critical care and emergency services. She currently has a private practice in acupuncture and counseling in Saugerties, NY.


Sensei moved to Saugerties, NY in 1985, near KTD, the American seat of His Holiness the 17th Karmapa of the Kagyu Lineage and began to study Tibetan Buddhism. She attended retreats, practices and empowerments and felt a close connection and gratitude to Kenpo Karthar Rimpoche.


Sensei Kanno resumed her Zen practice at Zen Garland with Roshi Paul Genki Kahn in 2012. She has helped develop Zen Garland, its community and organization. She was ordained in 2015 and received Dharma Transmission in 2017 from Roshi Paul Genki Kahn. Her name, Kanno-Doko, is a favorite expression of Dogen Zenji and can be translated as cosmic communion.


Simultaneously, she began her Christian Zen studies with Roshi Ann Ankai Wagner. Uniting the Wisdom Teachings of Jesus of Nazareth with her Buddhist studies expanded her appreciation of both traditions. No doctrine and no dogma can compete with the innate wisdom and compassion, that are expressed in the lives of ordinary women and men. The teenager and her question are quieted by a lived life.

Susan Eiori Bruce

Assistant Teacher

Susan Eiori Bruce is a Dharma Holder, a Zen Chaplain, and senior practitioner in the Zen Garland Community, where she has taught Introduction to Zen meditation classes. She is also a certified trainer in Focusing, a powerful healing modality connecting the practice of authentic listening presence with the body’s wisdom.  Over the years, she has studied with several Zen Garland teachers, including Roshi Paul Genki Kahn, Roshi Ann Ankai Wagner, Roshi Monika Genmitsu Kahn, Roshi Shoko Sings-Alone, and Sensei Cathleen Kanno Dowd.

Eiori offers ongoing guided imagery and meditation classes for Gilda’s Club cancer support groups as well as counseling clients preparing for medical procedures.  Providing guided imagery for oncology patients, Eiori was a valued member of the Pastoral Care Department of Hackensack University Medical Center for 10 years. Her certifications include The Academy for Guided Imagery, Preparation for Surgery and Reiki II.  Eiori holds a Masters degree in Special Education and has taught children with special needs for over 25 years.

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