Zen Garland Vows


The Three Treasures

I vow to take refuge in the Buddha.

I vow to take refuge in the Dharma.

I vow to take refuge in the Sangha.

I vow to embrace each moment with Not-knowing, Presence, and Service as a way of being.

I vow devotion to Zazen, to awakening, and to embodying a field of enlightenment.

I vow to transform suffering and anger into wisdom and compassionate action.

I vow to speak from the heart, to listen wholeheartedly, and to seek the wisdom of council.

I vow to cultivate respect and dignity in all relationships.

I vow to use discernment from a perspective of unity and to nurture a culture of cooperation.

I vow to seek what is needed responsibly, to share generously, to work well with what I have, and to take only what is freely given.

I vow to promote solidarity and a just economic order.

I vow to care for the sacred elements - earth, water, air and fire, and to help heal all forms of matter and energy that co-create our precious earth and universe.

I make these vows in oneness with the Zen Garland Community and cultivate its practices for the welfare of all creation.

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